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Liverpool Mutual Homes was looking for an intuitive HR System which could evolve with the organisation as it continued to grow and develop in structure.

"The commitment, energy and co-operation that we all exerted to ensure this project was a success, deserves special praise. As a team, Liverpool Mutual Homes was determined to get this right. But that same dedication was also echoed by Cascade – a company which clearly places customer satisfaction at the top of its agenda."
Michelle Griffith

HR Manager, Liverpool Mutual Homes

The Challenge of integrating a new HR and Payroll Solution

Liverpool Mutual Homes (LMH) is a social landlord with a portfolio of over 15,000 properties throughout the city. The housing association, a registered charity, employs 330 members of staff. It operates alongside a 260-strong subsidiary company Housing Maintenance Solutions (HMS).

Set to invest almost £900 million on maintaining services and homes over the next 30 years, this is a committed, evolving organisation, which plans for the future.

It was evident that a new HR and payroll bureau solution was required to give LMH greater peace of mind surrounding the accurate and timely remuneration of staff. A more intuitive system would also empower managers and provide the HR team with the tools they needed to help proactively shape the business.

Cascade has helped transform this housing association’s approach to HR and payroll, and in only a short time, there have been a number of benefits:
  • The whole department now works quicker and more efficiently. Also, with significantly fewer paper- based notes and less manual intervention, the risk of error or important information being overlooked, is significantly reduced
  • The HR Manager has complete peace of mind that the payroll is in safe hands
  • The level of customer service provided by Cascade has exceeded all expectations. All queries, however large or small, have been addressed, with clear communication and proactive suggestions for improvement
    The online portal with FAQs proves particularly helpful when members of the team needed to refresh their knowledge. One new member of the LMH team has even become an in-house Cascade specialist, as a result of this resource!
  • Cascade took time to get to know LMH, in order to deliver an approach that felt incredibly personalised. The product consultants tailored their delivery of training to suit the organisation’s culture and workforce
  • The HR team can accurately and proactively report on data including starters, leavers, agency staff, sickness absences, costs and so on. Upon presenting such information to the organisation’s senior management team, they can make valid suggestions for change and illustrate the need to implement targeted HR activities that will better support the business and save money. Such reporting used to require the input of various team members and would take up to three days to complete – now the process is automated, and requires only 30 minutes input to add some qualitative commentary
  • Managers’ access to relevant information has vastly improved, as has their sense of ownership. When conducting a return to work interview for example, they have staff records, relevant documentation and everything else they may need, at their fingertips. Not only are managers more empowered, but with best practice procedures in place they are also better equipped to identify underlying issues that may affect the performance or wellbeing of staff.

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