Are you ready for Generation Y?

Do you work from home? On the road? Overseas? Day to day working is continually expanded out of the confinement of the office walls and PC’s into mobile working.

Earlier this week Pay and Benefits magazine reported that Generation Y will lead the mobile working revolution. Looking at Deloitte’s Upwardly Mobile report found that a cultural shift is taking place in the use of portable devices and will boost productivity and engagement. The report encourages companies to embrace mobile working as an investment in their future.

“Only 21 per cent of staff in large businesses can work away from their desks productively, while three-quarters of Generation Y employees want to use transportable appliances for work purposes more. As a result of this, nearly one-fifth are already using a personal gadget in the professional environment to carry out tasks such as note-taking.”

How can you embrace mobility in the workplace?

From a HR and Payroll perspective Cascade can guide you into mobile working with ample benefits for your organisation. When you combined our Mobile Apps module with Self Service this opens up a range of possibilities to promote flexible working and enhance employee engagement.

You can completed various task whenever and wherever you are:

–          Access tasks
–          Record absence
–          Update personal details
–          Request training courses
–          View payslips

Manage anywhere, anytime

Line Managers can also access Cascade Mobile Apps. Through easy to navigate screens, managers can now see their team details, view attendance, authorise requests, manage holidays and review outstanding tasks as well as view their own employee details. Cascade Mobile Apps means powerful features associated with our .NET HR and Payroll system are available anywhere, anytime.

“Mobile Apps has really helped engage our remote workforce and help them embrace new technology through the use of Cascade Mobile on their existing PDA’s”

Roy Jackman, Pay and Reward Manager at Wakefield District Housing

You can find out more here about how to open your organisations boundaries into mobile working, or why not book a free demonstration to see the software for yourself.

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