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August 2015: Client Services Team Feedback

Find out how the Client Services team at Cascade have performed throughout July.

At the pre-sales stage, we are often asked what differentiates Cascade from the competition. We believe we stand out by ensuring we deliver quality services so that our clients can get the most from their investment from day 1.

On completion of a service day whether that be consultancy or a user training we ask out clients to rate us, please see below the results.

If you’ve had a training session with us we’d love to hear from you – Tweet us @CascadeHRMS/@CascadeHRUsers.

What our clients said about us in July..

Panmure Gordon reported on consultant Luke:

[blockquote]”Luke did a brilliant job. He has an outstanding knowledge of Cascade & Excel and an exemplary attitude. A real asset to Cascade!”[/blockquote]

Advertising standards authority explained:

[blockquote]”We found this session very useful. There is a lot to take in but it was presented in a straight forward and manageable.”[/blockquote]

Kim at Software Europe Ltd:

[blockquote]”What an asset to Cascade. Nathan’s presentable approach made for an enjoyable two days where we’ve been excited learning of the systems capabilities. “[/blockquote]

Nathan Herrington

Jasmine from HDI – Gerling Industrial Insurance:

[blockquote]”Amy has an in-depth knowledge of the Cascade system and workflows. She has a lovely style for her training. We would love for her to deliver our Payroll training.”[/blockquote]


Overall Feedback

First of all we ask all our clients about their Product Consultants, looking more specifically at their training session management, presentation and the content included during the session.

The following graph shows the feedback we gathered throughout July….

graph 1

Interaction with our HR Software Professionals

Here at Cascade we pay attention to even the smallest of details, such as was your consultant presentable?

We gather detailed feedback to make sure we are delivering the highest standard of service possible.

graph 2

At Cascade we report on Client Services feedback every month. Take a look back to our previous articles to view the level of positive responses we have received. To find out more about the services and training we provide at Cascade, click here.


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