Calling all HR system consultants – Cascade launches software selection webinar

Consultants webinar – dates available every month!

In the modern business environment, every investment matters. So it is perhaps no surprise that some Human Resources teams rely on the advice of independent HR system consultants, when evaluating which software vendor will best satisfy their requirements.

Acknowledging this significant role that HR system consultants play, Cascade has launched a brand new webinar, designed to encourage knowledge transfer with this group of industry specialists.

We know it is important to provide you with the information you need, in order for you to comprehensively audit the marketplace and recommend the best solution for your client.  So this webinar is your opportunity to discuss the information that matters to you and your customers.

To ensure you are armed with the insight your clients will expect, we can therefore cover:

  • The key features of our core HR technology
  • Our fully-integrated approach to tackling HR and payroll
  • Other complementary Cascade modules that deliver additional value-adding functionality
  • Installation and procurement options – our cloud solution is now equally as possible as our traditional installed system, meaning we have two very popular deployment options within our portfolio
  • Our commitment to customer service. Cascade’s award winning solution is about so much more than technology – friendly well-trained staff give us our competitive edge.

We believe there is something a little bit different about Cascade HR, so why not register to take part in our new webinar to find out what that is. We run webinars once a month, simply leave your contact details below and we will book you on to the next available date.

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