Cascade congratulated by HMRC

Jo Knowles, Payroll Quality Manager talks about the latest enhanced recognition scheme from the HMRC,

You may have noticed the HMRC Standard logo was removed from all payroll products in April this year. The HMRC has decided to replace the accrediation with a new enhanced recognition scheme.

HMRC state: “HMRC is providing a scheme that is more flexible than the accreditation scheme and this will allow HMRC’s Software Developers Support Team (SDST) to work with a broader range of payroll software developers”

The scheme required Cascade to take the standard existing payroll product through a list of scenarios for three different payroll companies taking in a full tax year life cycle. The calculated results were then submitted to HMRC using the standard submission area of the payroll product.

The results and format of the XML files were then analysed by HMRC and on 20th June 2012, Cascade were congratulated on successfully completing the test scenarios. Although there will be no HMRC endorsed logo moving forward, Cascade will still be listed on HMRC’s website as an Enhanced Recognised Payroll product.


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