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Cascade flies in as Bristol Airport’s new HR software provider!

Bristol Airport has chosen Cascade as it’s new HR software provider, choosing the core HR module, as well as Self-Service, Payroll and Workflow. Sally Ashby, Head of People and Performance at Bristol Airport comments on how and why they chose Cascade;

Why did Bristol Airport decide to implement HR software?

This was part of the on-going professionalisation of the HR function at Bristol Airport.  When I started working here, one of the first things that became clear was that everything was paper based and there was a large amount of doubling up, hand-delivering information, manual checking, duplication of effort, form filling etc. With a business like ours, where our employees are spread out across the site and everything is very fast paced and customer driven, this just wasn’t meeting the needs of the business.  Having worked in businesses where HR systems added real value, this became one of my top priorities.  We therefore spent a year or so evaluating the processes we had in place, which ensured that whatever software solution we chose reflected the new streamlined way of working, rather than just an electronic version of an inefficient system.

Via which methods did you search for this?

Having worked for national organisations and multi-national companies who used HR software like Cascade,I had a relatively good idea of the functionality and availability within the marketplace.

How did you evaluate the various software options?

Having done a little additional independent research and spoken to a number of providers, we then invited three companies to formally demo their systems to us. It quickly became clear that Cascade was set apart from other options from an HR perspective; the very simple to use design function that would allow us to have abespoke system and allow it to grow with us as a department.  My personal view was that we didn’t want to be stuck with a system that couldn’t change with us and we wanted something we could adapt rather than another day of consultants’ design fees.  With the on-going evolution of the function and the changing culture of the business, this was key.  We liked the fact that the system could automate a lot of what we did, but we could also use the technology to drive ourfunction forward and create consistency and best practice through workflows which are specific to us and that we could add to as our function develops.

Why did you choose Cascade?

Having seen three systems, Cascade became the front-runner within the HR function, but we still needed buy-in from the business.  We therefore ran a second demo session with key operational managers from across the business to get their feedback as possible end users.  This was all very positive, and from the start of the project we got buy in from the rest of the business, which has made it very easy to engage our managers in the design process and launch.

You can find an overview of our modules by clicking here and if you would like a closer at our software request a FREE demo today!

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