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The Ice Bucket Challenge comes to Cascade

It has become something of a fundraising phenomenon – nominated individuals drenching themselves in freezing cold water, all in the name of charity.

People of all ages, throughout the UK and indeed worldwide, are participating in The Ice Bucket Challenge, raising much-needed funds and generating vast awareness of what is an incredibly important cause.

Motor Neurone Disease (MND) – or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) as it is also referred to in the USA – is now on everyone’s radar. And every individual that takes part in the challenge and shares their soaking with the world, is doing their bit to get more people talking about the condition and boosting the coffers of associated charities. The latest figures released by the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA) for example, showed that in two weeks, the charity has raised over £6m as a result of the challenge.

That is the equivalent of a staggering six months of income, which is a fantastic achievement for this hard-working organisation. And that’s not all – MNDA is actually a Cascade client. So we could not have received a more fitting nomination to take part in the Ice Bucket Challenge, than from the charity itself! That’s why you may have seen some very soggy faces if you drove past Cascade’s Leeds headquarters earlier this week. 8 members of staff – led by Cascade’s client services director Heather Vitty – proudly donned their MNDA T-Shirts and braved the buckets of freezing cold Yorkshire water, before submitting their donation of course!

They also nominated Cascade’s other four directors to either take part or each add £50 into the MNDA pot. We now watch this space as they decide their fate …. Esther Fifield, MNDA’s Community and Events Fundraiser comments:

Thank you to everyone at Cascade HR Ltd that took part in this Ice Bucket Challenge (with the addition of balls being thrown at you too!) We rely on voluntary donations and every bucket has played a vital part in raising an incredible £6m so far! To add to this we are delighted that MND has received much needed awareness – just so important for everyone affected by this devastating yet little understood disease. With your help, we can improve care and support for people affected by MND, fund vital research and campaign to raise awareness of this devastating disease – Thank you so much!

If you’d like to see the moment that some of Cascade’s most familiar faces get a soaking, then you can watch our Ice Bucket Challenge video, below. And for those of you that haven’t yet taken part but would like to support the cause, you can Donate to MNDA via their website.

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