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Arevon Energy jump on the Cascade Cloud and implement a new HR solution

Last year Arevon Energy began their search for a HR system.


We caught up with their Human Resources Manager, Sarah Bull to find out about their journey with Cascade so far, from the research process, to shortlist selection and the implementation of the software.

Why did Arevon Energy decide to implement HR software?

In order to bring time-savings and efficiencies for the HR team, line managers and employees we decided we needed to implement a HR solution.  The key driver initially was to automate our annual leave process.

Via which methods did you search for this?

We conducted our own research and gathered  comments and views from other HR professionals directly and through the CIPD website.

How did you evaluate the various software options?

We looked at three preferred providers and had demonstrations from all 3 and then evaluated which system we thought best suited our needs and would add the most value, as well as considering value for money.

Why did you choose Cascade?

We loved the way that Cascade looks, particularly the dashboard and that the look and feel of the software is the same for the system administrators as for line managers and employees (accessing the self-service module).  We also loved the functionality in that we can directly design screens independently to suit our individual requirements.  The workflow module was particularly appealing as over time we will integrate and automate more of our HR processes, saving time, reducing the administrative burden and making further efficiencies.  We got a really good feel for the culture at Cascade and felt that we could really identify with Cascade and it’s people as Cascade’s culture and values are similar values to those of Arevon.

What benefits has Cascade brought to your organisation?

We have already noticed significant time-savings as all our HR information is easy to access and we can run queries easily to present certain information.  We have only just rolled-out the self-service module this week and have had good feedback about how easy and user-friendly the system is.  Annual leave will all be administrated through the self-serve module going forward which will make significant time-savings and ensure records are up to date. We have found all members of the Cascade team extremely helpful and enthusiastic

Arevon Energy decided to implement the core HR module, along with Self Service, Workflow, and Mobile Apps. Arevon also decided to implement the software via the Cascade Cloud, which is becoming increasing popular with our clients. Using the Cascade Cloud means Arevon don’t need to worry about purchasing secure infrastructure, as we do the hosting for them, which reducing cost and risk; plus they receive the latest version of Cascade first.

If you would like to find out more about the Cascade Cloud or any of the other software modules please visit the information pages on our website.

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