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Find out how Sport Wales have saved over £47,000 within six months of implementing Cascade HR!

Sport Wales is the national organisation responsible for increasing participation and improving performance in sport in Wales.

Their aim is to not only improve the level of sports participation at grassroots level but also provide aspiring athletes with the support required to compete successfully on the world stage.

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Sport Wales began their procurement process for a new HR system, which resulted choosing Cascade HR. Kerry Chown, Human Resources Manager at Sport Wales, comments on their journey so far;

Why did Sport Wales decide to implement HR Software?

As a progressive organisation with far reaching ambition, we quickly recognised that to support our organisational objectives and to meet the level of ambition sought we needed a system that could enable the effective management of our people. We wanted to streamline our processes, reduce the potential for error, provide time efficiencies and enable a flexibility to adapt with the changing nature of the organisation.

With so many options out there, how do you search for HR software solutions?

We started our investigations by discussing systems previously used by members of the team and followed this up with web research to see what other products were available.

Following on from this how did you evaluate your shortlisted suppliers?

We developed an assessment form of our needs and sent this to the companies that had been identified. This enabled us to reduce the list of suitable products down to six. These companies were then invited to demonstrate their products to us which enabled us to shortlist to a final three.

We established which organisations were using the three software products that we were interested in and visited these to see the software in action. We also discussed with the project leads, implementation, benefits and limits, successes and lessons learned.

Why did you choose Cascade?

When we set out our project we were very clear about the requirements we were looking for from a potential system. Cascade met these requirements and provided the flexibility for us to develop the system as and when required. Its layout is clear and the system easy to use.

What benefits has Cascade brought to your organisation?

In terms of efficiencies the time savings have been immense. A report now takes no more than 10 minutes to set up and extract, whereas previously this could have taken anything between 30 minutes and 60 minutes.

We have increased disclosure of personal diversity information due to the additional security attached to the online system and the ease at which staff can manage their data.

Whilst not a primary aim for us, these efficiencies, together with staff autonomy, transparency and error reduction, and tangible savings in paper and printing etc. has led to massive cost savings of some £47,000 within six months of implementation. Additional savings have been made since.

But it is the service delivered that has had the greatest impact. We have demonstrated the importance of HR to the organisation, shown we are professional, forward thinking and progressive and most importantly that the needs of our customers are at the fore.

In addition to implementing the core HR module, Sport Wales added a range of other flexible modules, including; Training, Workflow designer, both Recruitment and Online Recruitment, Self Service, and Mobile Apps.

You can find an overview of our modules by clicking here and if you would like a closer at our software request a FREE demo today!

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