CIPD: Deterioration in employee voice and engagement at record low

CIPD’s latest Employee Outlook survey highlights the decline in employees’ satisfaction and engagement; particularly looking at issues within the NHS. However employee engagement has always been a topical issue that is important in all organisations pan private/public sector or size.

“The Engagement Index shows that the proportion of employees engaged has reduced this quarter, (35%), whilst the majority remain neutral or neither engaged or disengaged (61%)”

The report looks at areas that may have led to this decrease of engagement, such as; job satisfaction, attitudes towards management, pressures, work-life balance, the economic downturn and job seeking.

“21% report their organisation is cutting back on training… 20% are looking for a new job with a different employer”

So how can Cascade tackle these engagement issues?

Engagement has long been an area of focus for Cascade when working with clients to ensure technology adds the greatest possible value to their organisations.  As a result there are numerous ways that Cascade can be utilised to enhance engagement and in-turn organisational performance.

Click here to read a previous article where the features and benefits of Cascade are discussed, particularly in relation to how these can increase engagement within your organisation.

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