Coming soon: New year, new office

Cascade hit the headlines when commercial property giant CBRE announced our plans to relocate to new office space near central Leeds in March.

The move follows a record year for Cascade, when we’ve welcomed 86 more clients on board and continued to recruit additional HR and payroll software specialists to service our growing customer base.

Work is now underway to refit the premises, to create the Cascade look and feel that so many visitors comment on when they come to see us. And when the telecoms have been installed and fully tested, our 134-strong team will be making the 5 mile journey to our new ‘home’.

Much closer to the motorway networks and with over 16,000sqft of space, the new office will provide a more accessible, open and collaborative environment that we look set to enjoy for years to come.

We are in the process of informing all clients and suppliers of the move, and the door will always be open if you’d like to see the office for yourself. Our telephone numbers remain the same so if you need to contact us, they’re the same lines you have always used: Reception 0113 255 4115 and Service Desk 0113 322 0279.

One City West

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