Could ‘January Blues’ increase absenteeism in the workplace?

According to the  CIPD Absence Management Survey, the average cost of sickness absence is £600 per employee, per year, with the average level of absence being 6.8 days per employee, per year.

High levels of absence have been related to the third Monday in January of every year which has been deemed ‘Blue Monday’. The experts have  called  this day the most depressing day of the year, with more people expected to take this day off work than any other, but why?

Psychologist Cliff Arnall concluded that a multitude of factors from; post-holiday blues, Christmas debt, failed New Year’s resolutions or just the bad weather are responsible for our blues.

Absence management has always been a focus for Cascade. At the CIPD HR Software Show 2012, Rosie Green (FCIPD), Head of HR at Synergy Housing Group, gave the presentation, ‘Technology: alleviating the absence management headache’.

Rosie explained how in 12 months, with the help of Cascade, Synergy’s average number of sickness days fell from 12.96 to 5.13 (per annum), saving them over £285,000 and achieving an average 86% workplace satisfaction rate in the process!

You too could learn Rosie’s secret and see how you can tackle absence issues within your workplace. Simply click here to receive Rosie’s white paper today!

Despite the snowy weather, here’s hoping Monday 21st January isn’t blue for you!

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