How do you handle document maintenance?

For companies of any size, managing and maintaining key HR documents and policies can often be extremely labour-intensive and the cause of major administrative headaches.

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Whether you’re still use a paper-based filing system, Excel spreadsheet or fully-integrated HR software, keeping track of important HR policy and internal process documentation is a key concern for many. If you are already using a HR software package, there are several key areas to consider when evaluating whether you’re utilising your system to its full capability when it comes to the storage and maintenance of documents:

How is your virtual filing cabinet structured?

Always check how your key documents will be virtually filed on your system. Ensure that the design of the layout and structure is cohesive and easy to understand, as this will help other employees to navigate to key documents easily.

How extensive are your search capabilities?

Ascertain how easy it is for you to locate and update different documents in an efficient and timely manner. Make sure you can find individual items without undertaking an extensive search process. A good system should also offer a clear and easy to use advanced search option.

Can you edit live documents?

The ability to change and update key HR documents and policies is vital to your business, and having the option to edit documents that are already live on your system, rather than downloading policies and having to upload them again, will save a lot of time and effort in the long run. Ensure that carrying out any updates is a simple and easy process.

Do you have mobile access to your system?

Being able to access vital documents on the move is hugely important, especially for managers or staff that may not be office-based. A good HR system should provide mobile access on the move to all navigable areas that may be needed by your employees.

Having a good HR system can make a world of difference when it comes to managing and maintaining key documents. Modern, intuitive software such as Cascade can facilitate the streamlining and improved storage of your HR documents and policies. If you’re considering upgrading from your existing HR software solution, or you’re looking to take that first step and find out what our software could do for you, why not book a demo with us?

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