HR: A network to success!

According to figures published by the Business Networking Organisation, only 3% of UK businesses have a defined networking strategy in place that is clearly understood by senior managers and HR personnel.

As a result, many HR professionals remain daunted by the networking process as a whole, lacking understanding as to how they can utilise the process to add real value to their organisations. A popular option is to take a scattergun approach to making new contacts and finding recruitment partners, which can often entail spending a great deal of time and money on social media and business networking, whilst often only generating lacklustre results.

For HR professionals in particular, with financial and human capital management interests across every department of their business, networking effectively can entail exerting a huge amount of time and money, but can also bring unparalleled rewards. Experts advise that those looking to network should spend 90% of their time with 10% of their wider network: essentially building fewer, yet stronger professional relationships.

Forming relationships with like-minded HR professionals within your business sector is another fantastic way to utilise networking to its fullest potential. Building a network of like-minded contacts could result in the gain of HR and legislative knowledge and updates, further insight into regional and national courses and events, and even the potential to form strategic business partnerships with non-competing businesses.

Top tips for HR networking:

  • Identify businesses you would like to collaborate with, and target fellow HR workers with the aim of building relationships.
  • Track your social media activity, or actively collaborate with your Marketing team if you work for a larger business. Every new Twitter or Facebook follower could be a potential contact!
  • Maintain a good balance between digital and face-to-face networking to retain authenticity – try to meet contacts in person, and then follow up with an email or a phone call.
  • Aim to connect with people that you feel a personal affinity with – everyone is flattered to be asked for their time and wisdom, so selecting someone who’s writing / business practices / personal ethics you already admire will give you an immediate conversational starting point.
  • Be patient! Building up a network of good contacts can take time and perseverance.

Many HR professionals find that attending industry events can be a fantastic way to gain knowledge, whilst simultaneously networking with like-minded industry experts. If you’ve recently been considering upgrading or investing in a new HR and payroll software system, it needn’t be complicated and time-consuming…join us for our FREE masterclass and find the perfect HR software solution for you and your business!

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