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January 2015: Client Services Team Feedback

Another busy January here at Cascade, discover more about what our client services Team were up to last month.

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What our clients said about us in January;

Linda Cooper from Creative Scotland quoted:

“I really appreciated Laura’s effort and understanding, helping me to prioritise exactly what was needed and give the extra mile to finish the job a challenging day for Laura “

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Telford Homes stated:

“Amy was excellent, her training skills and communication skills were outstanding. Extremely professional and capable. She understood the audience, when to adapt and be flexible, I am looking forward to our next session”

Cadline Limited said:

” We are very pleased with the training, Jenna put my mind at ease and was extremely helpful. Thank You ”


Faculty Services explained:

“Nathan was one of the best training consultants we have worked with. Very confident and approachable”


After any service day with Cascade, whether it is consultancy or user training we request that all our clients to rate us, we allow our results to speak for themselves. Let’s see the results for January…

Overall Feedback

Initially we ask all our clients about their Product Consultant, looking more specifically at their presentation, their attitude and their Organisation. We also ask about training session itself; how was the training session management? And how was the product knowledge of the consultant. We achieved 100% responses, we had nobody selecting ‘Poor’ as a response across any of our areas. The following graph shows the feedback gathered throughout January…


Because the little things matter…

At Cascade we focus on even the smallest of details, such as; was your consultant punctual and presentable? Our main reason for gathering detailed feedback is to ensure we are delivering the highest standard of service possible. We have an average of over 99% positive responses, it reiterates how Cascade Client Services are meeting the highest of expectations and aim to maintain this standard.

 January 2

At Cascade we report our feedback for our Client Services Team each month. Reflect back on our previous month’s articles to view the level of positive responses we received. To discover more about the services and training we provide at Cascade, please click here.


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