Llamau join the Cascade HR family!

Wales’ leading homelessness charity optimises HR process with cutting-edge cloud software

Llamau – the award-winning Cardiff-based homelessness charity – have recently invested in our cloud technology, utilising it to streamline their in-house HR operations!

With a history that spans 30 years of providing support and refuge to the country’s vulnerable women and young people, Llamau’s values orbit around helping disadvantaged individuals regain the skills and confidence to successfully reintegrate into the local community.

Since its launch in 1986, the charity’s 311 employees – working across 16 local authorities – have supported approximately 67,000 people, spanning a wide range of societal issues. And this would not be possible without the efforts of a motivated, skilled and progressive team.

Victoria Walters, the charity’s people and personal development manager, explained more about the rationale behind the investment: “Due to the labour-intensive nature of our current systems, we are experiencing a considerable drain on team resource, seeing our HR staff spending more time on administrative tasks and less time developing the more strategic side of our operations.

“Utilising Cascade’s tech will enable us to access pivotal data – which previously took hours to collate – at the click of a mouse, and the easy-to-use reporting tool will help to drive both the department’s value-led business contribution and efficiency forward.”

After hearing about our software through word-of-mouth recommendation, Llamau opted for our cloud tech with Core HR, System Designer, Self-Service and Workflow modules – all of which work together to create an optimised solution, tailored to the charity’s individual needs.

“There’s no denying that people are at the heart of what we do at Llamau, so we’re excited about having a HR system which mirrors our core business value”, concluded Victoria.

Aside from homelessness prevention, the non-profit organisation specialises in a plethora of additional holistic support services such as family mediation, training courses, safe accommodation projects, skills development and mental health workshops.

The project is now in its final implementation stages, with staff training expected to commence in the autumn.

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