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November 2015: Client Services Team Feedback

Discover how Cascade Client Services team kept busy throughout October!

At Cascade, we pride ourselves on our great customer service skills, approachable staff  and vast amount of knowledge and experience. We believe we stand out by ensuring we deliver quality services so that our clients can get the most from their investment from day 1. The feedback we receive on our clients experience helps us to improve the delivery of the service and continuously provide value to our clients.

We are very proud to present you with the results from feedback below, we think that you will agree that these speak highly of our staff and the software we deliver.

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What our clients said about us.

Kerry at BACB:

[blockquote]”Danny presented the course very well and was very knowledgeable about the training module and answered all of our queries.”[/blockquote]

Trent & Dave Housing explained:

[blockquote]”Nicola was excellent, a long but enjoyable 3 days. We can’t wait to start playing!.”[/blockquote]


Kelly from Bristol Water:

[blockquote]”Jamie was very helpful and confident with what we needed to do, which gave us the confidence too.”[/blockquote]

Bidwell’s reported on consultant Jenna:

[blockquote]”Jenna was great and showed us things that others have never. We feel much more comfortable after her visit.”[/blockquote]


Overall Feedback

We ask our clients to feedback on their Product Consultant, this helps us to determined how improve the services we offer. We like to know how the presentation went, the knowledge they were provided and the content was all explained and useful.

The following graph below shows feedback gathered throughout October…

graph 1

Interaction with our HR Software Professionals

Cascade want to ensure that we are meeting the highest levels of service for our clients, providing relevant and useful course materials, and to monitor our Consultants punctuality. With the feedback we can continue to offer our clients exceptional service.

The following graph shows the feedback gathered throughout October…

graph 2


At Cascade we report on the feedback we receive from our customers about our Client Services Team. Every month we look back on previous month’s data to review positive responses we’ve received, to view the feedback please click here. To find out more about the services and training we provide at Cascade, please click here.


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