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October 2015: Client Services Team Feedback

It’s that time of the month when we look at the feedback for the Client Services Team!

We pride ourselves on our great customer service, our approachable staff are some of the industry’s finest. We aim to provide our clients with access to all our  knowledge and experience.  Last month, some of our new Product Consultant’s took to the field, and the results are promising, we have received some wonderful feedback. Please see below to find out how are new staff got on…

We believe our staff are what make Cascade stand out, so much so that we want to share their positive feedback with you!

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What our clients said about us.

Bristol Water PLC explained:

[blockquote]” Fully satisfied and couldn’t have asked for a better consultant than James Marlow.”[/blockquote]

Stamford Endowed Schools reported on new consultant Diana:

[blockquote]”Brilliant! Diana never lost her focus and has excellent product knowledge. Very impressed!”[/blockquote]

Diana Jakovele

Rachel at JB Global Ltd:

[blockquote]”Laura had excellent knowledge of this course and went above & beyond to ensure a report needed can be produced correctly. Thank you!”[/blockquote]

Jo Smith from ACHA:

[blockquote]”Jamie really knows his stuff and was very patient with a group of mixed Cascade users. He made a very dry subject entertaining and easy to understand.”[/blockquote]

Overall Feedback

Initially we ask all our clients about their Product Consultant, looking more specifically at their presentation, their attitude and their organisational skills.

We also ask about the training session itself; how was the session management?

The following graph below shows feedback gathered throughout September…

graph 1

Because the little things matter…

At Cascade we focus on even the slightest of details, such as; were your course materials suitable?

We want to know how prepared our Consultants are so we can ensure that we are meeting the highest levels of service for our clients.

graph 2

At Cascade we report on Client Services feedback every month. Reflect back on our previous month’s articles to view the level of positive responses we received. To discover more about the services and training we provide at Cascade, please  click here.


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