Our top five takeaways from the CIPD annual conference

Invigorated and inspired by the recent CIPD annual conference, we're still beaming from the insightful discussions held across the two-day event.

It was fantastic to see so many HR professionals all in one place, and we had a great time chatting to as many attendees as we possibly could.

Since the event, we've been revealing our top five takeaways from the conference. Read on for more...

Takeaway one: Employee wellbeing

As expected, employee experience was a key focus of the CIPD conference, with wellbeing taking centre stage. Part of a series of free learning sessions, one of the top talks for us discussed creating healthy workplaces.

The CIPD hosted this, citing the results of their latest survey on health and wellbeing at work, including the finding that a high volume of work is the top cause of stress-related absence.

During the discussion, the following three issues particularly resonated with us:


The new trend of ‘leaveism’ – working when on leave – is a true sign of the times. Before the arrival of technology that enables us to work anywhere, anytime and on any device, it would have been near impossible to work outside of the office. And as a technology company ourselves, we often ponder the struggle of how an ‘always on’ work culture can negatively affect employee wellbeing. Particularly when coupled with remote working – when work and home are the same place how can you switch off?

Financial wellbeing

We greatly encourage the importance the CIPD placed on viewing wellbeing holistically – covering mind, body, heart and social aspects. This includes financial wellbeing which is often a neglected area, even though money worries are a significant cause of employee stress. Worryingly, only 24% of CIPD’s survey respondents believe that employees have the knowledge and skills to make the right reward and benefit choices to meet their financial needs.

Investing in line managers

With all of this to consider, we agree wholeheartedly with the session’s closing remarks on how organisations, particularly line managers, have a big job in encouraging the wellbeing of their team members. They absolutely deserve the investment in understanding how to support their team members health and wellbeing – as well as assistance in supporting their own.

We’re keen to help…

Here at Cascade HR, we’re keen to help organisations build a culture that places employee wellbeing at the centre. Take a look at our recent interview with Mind on the importance of recognising stress in the workplace, and keep an eye on our Resources for more on this important topic.

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