Prevent Employee Holiday Guilt

People Management last week revealed statistics that illustrates that UK workers are adopting a range of bad habits associated with their holiday leave. It can’t be denied that a period of austerity brings out a range of emotions that affect staff attitude and behaviour.  The survey revealed that employees think twice about booking holidays so they don’t leave their colleagues in the lurch.

Is there a solution? Introducing HR software can help. By empowering line managers to authorise holiday requests and giving employees visibility of when colleagues have already booked annual leave gives everyone a clear view of the impact of booking that holiday.

The benefits of implementing self-service systems are multi-faceted. For example you can expect to achieve:

  • Real time information
  • Instant, accurate knowledge
  • Greater HR profile and recognition throughout the company
  • Employee engagement, which helps to improve wellbeing and create a sense of loyalty
  • Sense of ownership over personal information and tasks, which should have a positive motivational impact
  • Employee ability to access and manage personal information wherever they may be
  • Process control which ensures consistency
  • Best practice throughout the organisation, as processes will have been pre-defined by HR using workflow functionality
  • Proactive system prompts which chase actions rather than HR, again alleviating the demands being placed on HR
  • Paperwork reduction, which alleviates the administrative burden placed on the HR team and also ensures greater accuracy
  • No lost paperwork
  • Legislation adherence
  • The ability to audit all user activity
  • Reduced telephone enquiries to HR for basic information
  • Greater return on investment – devolved administration means more time to concentrate on strategic HR issues

Samantha Allen, HR Specialist, from Wesco Aircraft has written a guide to rolling out HR Self Service which is full of useful tips and advice.

If you would like to book a demonstration of the self-service functionality within the Cascade HR software solution, please complete the form below and a member of our marketing team will call you to organise a suitable time and date at your convenience.

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