RTI submissions a huge success!

Following the first quarter of RTI submissions, Cascade has recently received its first set of results from the HMRC.

We are delighted to announce these were a great success! and the results were as follows;

  • Employer Alignment Submission (HMRC-PAYE-RTI-EAS) received a 99.47% success rate
  • Employer Payment Summary (HMRC-PAYE-RTI-EPS) received a 100% success rate
  • Full Payment Submission (HMRC-PAYE-RTI-FPS) received a 99.11% success rate

The HMRC confirmed that the small percentage of submissions that were not successful first time were due to sequencing issues. For example the EAS submission not being submitted before the FPS submission, and not due to Cascade’s software.

If you have any questions regarding RTI, or any other areas of our software and services please request a call back below.

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