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September: Client Services Team Feedback

What makes Cascade different from our competition? At the pre-sales stage, we are often asked what differentiates Cascade us. Our product is intuitive and feature rich but we believe we stand out by ensuring we deliver quality services so that our clients can get the most from their investment from day 1.

After every service day whether that be consultancy or user training we ask our clients to rate us, and the results speak for themselves.

Overall Feedback

The Product Consultant carries out the training onsite, so we first ask our clients about their Product Consultant and about the training session itself. We achieved an average of over 90% positive responses, with 0% ‘Poor’ responses across all areas questioned. Take a look at some more of our findings…

“[Nicola] Took the time to understand our organisation and needs… Fabulous trainer, really enjoyed the day”

Trenchant Ltd.


Sept client feedback graph, Cascade HR Software Users
Because the little things matter…

We then also asked about the little things such as punctuality and how prepared the Product Consultant was, so we can make sure we are meeting high levels of service. With an average of over 95% positive responses it’s clear our services team continually meet clients expectations and this is a standard we aim to maintain.

Sept client feedback graph v2 HR Software Users at Cascade

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