The most depressing day of the year?

Blue Monday – when the combination of the weather, lack of money and the fact that Christmas is a distant memory – will fall on 26th January this year. The date traditionally leads to higher absence levels which can be a headache for businesses like yours.

If not managed properly, employee absence can result in significant costs to your business in terms of sick pay and staffing cover, as well having a negative impact on morale and productivity.

CIPD’s 2014 Absence Management survey shows that the average level of employee absence is 6.6 days per employee per annum. This is down slightly from 7.6 days in 2013 – a reduction that CIPD, in part, attribute to an increased focus on attendance strategies.

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Synergy Housing had a problem with absenteeism – and with no proper HR system in place, they were at a loss as to how to tackle it.

After implementing Cascade’s core HR module, the query and reporting functionality allowed them to effectively manage absences, highlighting areas for concern and automatically calculating employees’ Bradford Factors – resulting in an average employee absence rate reduction from nearly 13 days per year to just over 5 days per year.

These improvements saved them over £285,000 in just one year!

Rosie Green, Head of HR at Synergy Housing comments “powerful functionality within HR software can save a great amount of time, increase process efficiencies and add a substantial amount of value”.

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