The power of HR software depicted in new industry film

The power of intuitive HR software is the theme of a new industry film, in which two Human Resources professionals take centre stage with the lead roles.

HR Manager and CIPD member Sarah Lowe stars alongside HR Adviser Claire Cooper, a colleague at speciality chemical manufacturer Sika Limited. Having allowed the cameras into their busy Preston headquarters, the ladies give viewers an unparalleled insight into the fast-paced world of Human Resources. They showcase the variety of tasks that come with managing a diverse and ever-changing workforce, and speak honestly about the challenges associated with tackling legislative compliance, demanding workloads and uncertain market forces.

In less than three minutes, the audience soon discovers just how important the role of technology is for HR teams throughout the UK. Sarah and Claire talk openly about their use of a system to relieve administrative pressures, establish best practice, report on management data and engage employees. The underlying theme is them striving to do their jobs to the best of their abilities, whilst benefiting the workforce and the wider organisation.

Funded by Sika’s HR and payroll software provider Cascade HR, the film illustrates just what is possible with the right solution in place. As Cascade’s Client Services Director Heather Vitty explains:

“It will hopefully inspire other organisations in the private and not-for-profit sectors, to embrace HR software and strive for improvement.

Commenting on the finished edit, Heather continues: “The video provides a fantastic and very real insight into what the life of a HR professional entails. The job can be incredibly rewarding, but it also creates newfound challenges on practically a daily basis. Sika is one of many clients that are proud of what they’ve achieved with their HR software, and with good reason.”

And of course the film puts Cascade in the spotlight too, continues Andy Court, Cascade’s Head of Marketing. “We have always prided ourselves on the fact that our clients are our strongest sales force – they readily recommend us to their peers and their endorsements have played a significant part in the growth of our business,” he said.

“For so many members of the Sika team to take time out of their busy days to make this video, is something we are very grateful for. It is also a testament to the relationship that we have built with this customer, like so many others. I hope the film proves a hit amongst experienced HR professionals and novices alike. It’s certainly worth a watch!”

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