Top tips when looking for HR Software

Looking for HR and Payroll Software that fits your business needs can be a daunting task.
We got together with independent consultant, Denis Barnard to put together a list of top tips for getting your HR software project off to a good start.


  • Check that you actually need new software!  You could choose a system with all whistles and bells and not use it properly, then you are wasting your organisation’s money and resources.
  • Make your initial business case powerful; not just to get the signature, but to establish the software as a business necessity.[/two_thirds][clear]
  • Do extensive desk research on various software systems (e.g. sites such as HRcomparison and vendor sites). This can be done in an unhurried manner. Don’t make purchasing decisions just on the basis of a 40 minute unstructured run through at an exhibition.
  • Find the software to do the job – then make the price fit. If you have identified the search correctly as a business priority, then there should be no argument. Don’t buy a system that is out of scale with your real requirements.
  • Before you talk to prospective vendors, understand precisely what you are looking for in terms of features and functionality, how they work, and how they relate to the business need.
  • Structure your demonstration programme very assiduously; pretty screens and whizzy features are not necessarily going to meet your specific requirements.
  • Articulate your requirements clearly to prospective vendors so they can understand whether or not their product can be configured to meet your case – and DON’T change the specification halfway through!
  • Make sure that you involve the right people in your organisation in the project, and that they are onside.
  • If you are changing from an existing supplier, check the small print to establish any penalty that may accrue.
  • Prepare thoroughly beforehand, even before the project is fully under way.


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Independent Buyers Guide 

Our helpful advice-led whitepaper, A best-practice guide to sourcing, selecting and buying the right product for you, will share the experiences of Human Resources Director, Graham Trevor from Ranstad, as he researches the marketplace, short-lists potential suppliers, and finally purchases his chosen solution. [clear][spacer height=”20″]




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