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Hot on the heels of our new website launch, Cascade is delighted to now reveal a library of educative resources for the HR and payroll industry.

Focusing on the key issues identified by clients within the profession, Cascade’s team of experts has developed a range of insightful white papers designed to provide HR and payroll departments across the country with the information and advice they need to flourish. These are now available on the already highly-acclaimed website for visitors to download.

Commenting upon the unveiling of these value-adding documents, marketing manager Andy Court explains: “From day one we have been committed to sharing our technological knowledge and experience with the industry; a strategy that has paid off. We have grown to become the first name on everyone’s lips when it comes to needing helpful advice for all things software related.

“The white papers have been developed in response to client demand for our expertise. Our consultants and project managers share this level of detail on a daily basis, so we thought we would make the information constantly available to all, for free, via our new educative library.

“The idea is that the library will continue to grow as new trends and issues surface within HR and payroll. We want new and existing clients to keep coming back to this resource centre when they need some new advice or guidance, and we hope that if there are any topics that we’ve not yet covered, but that industry professionals will find useful, they’ll let us know.”

Topics so far include absence management, the integration of HR and payroll and data migration, to name just a few. Please take a look at the Cascade white papers today, and let us know your thoughts by emailing

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