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By automating your payroll, we help you remove the complexity and reduce the time spent running your payroll. We can give you the tools to take control of your costs and reveal invaluable insights into your spending, allowing you to make informed decisions. Our payroll solution also reduces administration by providing complete financial visibility of your workforce and offering customised reporting.

Managed Payroll

Delivered by our CIPP-qualified payroll professionals, our Managed Payroll Services could help you cut costs, save time and reduce hassle. You can have peace of mind that our experts are handling your payroll process for you. Your employees benefit from accurate and timely remuneration with every single payroll run.

How it works
We offer expert advice from start to finish, handling the initial payroll set-up, helping to populate your payroll system and conducting parallel runs before everything becomes fully operational. We can produce payroll reports prior to each actual run, for you to check and authorise. We can make online payslips available to your workforce to reduce your admin burden.

Consider us a trusted extension of your team, without the risks and headaches often associated with managing payroll yourself. The availability of managed payroll means that whether you have a software query or a payroll-related question, you have a single point of contact with one of our CIPP professionals.

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